Thursday, June 11, 2009

Likin' the new layout?! Likin' the new store?!

Took me a few hours but I finally found one and tweaked with it until I found it near perfect (I mean since nothing can be completely perfect!)
So yeah!
Many stuff here will/can help you with your film-making experience!
Try shopping in the store! (link below and above)
Check out the AMAZING offers amazon is putting out (under "Awesome Deals!" I mean c'mon, this IS awesome haha)
I also put some software/suites up on here for you to check out and possibly buy (Amazon is one of the cheapest, that's why I picked it!)
Check out the shop, there's everything from books to camcorders/cameras!

Need items to make your movie-making much more professional looking? Check this out! =)


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