Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vlog #2 - Scaring My Older Sister!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First try at pinging my blog.

Well, I'm pinging this blog for more traffic.
More traffic means more videos!

New Video COMING!!! Screenshots

Well that's all I'm giving for now until the video is finished!!!


Oh man I hate twitter...
Don't you?


I guess it would really fit in...

All videos from iFilm7 all in one blogpost?

You just have to LOVE my facial expression...

Listed newer to older:

My Dad Winning Performance (Micheal Johnny Jackson!)
Risen - (Fake Movie Trailer)
Fix You - Coldplay (Family Music Video)
The Scientist - Coldplay
CSS slow-mo test (failed)
What To Do When You're Bored
I Feel So - Box Car Racer (Political Music Video)
Tribute to Megan Pineda

I bet you were bored looking at al those links... But do not fear, my boat is here!
Okay, now you can subscribe =)
Peace out.

7Devera7 - 7JdFx7 - PiratezRme - iFilm7

Oh man.
First off, 7Devera7 was my first ever account.
I put soooo many videos on this Youtube account and I just felt tired of its name and moved on to a new one, 7JdFx7.
Same thing happened with that account so then I moved on to PiratezRme (because I love piratez lol). Then I wanted iFilm7, and most likely, iFilm7 will be my main one... forever.
Well there you have it.
Peace out.